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Wonderwolf Coffee

WONDERWOLF COFFEE is a cafe in Boston, USA. Centrally located. With the concept of industrial, lux, and simple. Market segmentation for the upper middle class.

Market – 25 – 35 years old


Brand identity is less recognized by the new market. There is no clear identity and almost the same as other competitors. The packaging on the WONDERWOLF COFFEE product is not prominent and is only limited to the product, without any value that can tell a story in it. The owner is a wolf animal lover. Has a hunting community, which has been passed down in his family.


It requires a brand identity that is unique, simple, iconic, and fun, which is represented by wolves. Able to reach the millennial market and community. Creating a new, more prominent image, especially in the WONDERWOLF COFFEE product packaging design. Reconnect with their loyal customers with a new image.